Main Features

1 - Select a song in the Song menĂ¹. The App will open the new song in SEPTET view: you can see all seven ocarina parts in the score.
2 - In Song screen press the PLAY button to playback the song or press Mixer Button to select the Ocarina part you want to highlight: a light blue cursor will appear on the score selected track.
3 - In the MIXER panel you can also set each ocarina volume and mute unwanted ocarina parts.
4 - In the METRONOME panel you can adjust BPM for each song, activate click count-in, click while playing and control the click volume.

5 - The BOOKMARKS panel let you select the score preset or your own bookmarks.
6 - On the MIXER panel you can also switch between SEPTET and SINGLE OCARINA VIEW. That is, you will only see and playback a single Ocarina Part.
7 - Bookmarks are set in this view as well.
8 - To return to SEPTET view, press the Septet icon next to Song title or exit from SINGLE VIEW mode on MIXER panel.
9 - SINGLE VIEW mode and EXTRA SONGS are available upgrading to PRO version



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Mixer Tool
1 - Cursor Select, 2 - Audio On/Off for each Ocarina, 3 - Volume Control for each Ocarina, 4 - Single View Select



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Tempo Tool
1 - BPM tempo Change, 2 - Click Count-in, 3 - Click while playing, 4 - Click Volume Control



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Bookmarks Tool
1 - Save bookmarks for different measure, 2 - Next Page, 3 - Previous Page