Privacy policy

A - Purpose of this Privacy Policy.

This notice (“Privacy Policy”) sets out the Privacy Policy of Ocarina Septet website and app. Please read it carefully before using this website and app. Your use of this website and all related contents and functions, including the Ocarina Septet app, implies the agreement with all of the terms and condition of this notice. We discourage the use of our contents if You do not agree with our privacy policy.

B - General definitions

  • With "Ocarina Septet" we define all contents (website, emails and mobile applications) which are run by Ocarina Septet team and are a direct consequence of its activity. We do not include any other kind of content which is not direct result of our activity.
  • With "User" we define everyone who is making a conscious use of Ocarina Septet contents. We don't recognize robots, spiders and every other kind of automatic browsing of our contents as regular Users of Ocarina Septet.

C - Owner in charge of treatment

The owner of the data is Associazione Beatstream - Via Valdossola 15, 40134 Bologna (BO) Italy.

D - Personal data collection

Ocarina Septet is committed to the protection of the privacy and Personal Data of its Users, under the principles of current Italian Data Protection Law (art 13. dLgs 196/03). Ocarina Septet applies the principles of Data Protection Law, which are that:

  • Personal Data will only be processed fairly and lawfully;
  • Personal Data will only be processed for the purposes set forth in this Policy, and in accordance with Your rights;
  • Personal Data collected will be adequate, relevant and not excessive in the light of these purposes;
  • Personal Data will not be kept longer than necessary;
  • Personal Data will be held secure;
  • Personal Data will only be transferred in accordance with applicable Data Protection Laws;
  • You will be able to ensure at all times that Your Personal Data are accurate.

Personal Data are collected from Ocarina Septet in order to fully operate its service and will only appear in private emails or any other kind of direct, non-public communication. None of your personal data is being publicly displayed on Ocarina Septet.

Anonymous information, such as IP address, browser type, browser language, is collected via third party services (eg. Google Analytics or server logs) and is used with the sole purpose of optimizing the overall user experience.

E - Cookies

Ocarina Septet uses cookies to optimize user experience. No information collected is being sent to third party services, with the exception of analytics cookies, sent anonimously to online analytics services (eg. Google Analytics) which can be disabled by adjusting any major browser settings.

F - Jurisdiction

Ocarina Septet is run from Italy and therefore applies the current Italian laws in terms of personal data protection. Competent court is Tribunale di Bologna.

G - Contacts

For any enquiry about this document or Your personal data please contact Ocarina Septet by sending an email to